A Line from Daytona Beach to Lyrebird Dell

A line from Daytona Beach to Lyrebird Dell is a video installation that documents a series of walks made in Florida and the Blue Mountains. The video conflates time and space into the one picture plane and frames the natural world through a camp lense. In capturing light in between homemade glitter frames the work attempts to combine what we define as natural and artificial into an indivisible experience. 

The video work is accompanied by unique screen prints developed with Throwdown press. The printwork combines an original etching of Norman Lyndsay titled “Which Mask” with a new screen print of his children book character The Magic Pudding. 

Thanks to Charles Atlas and the Atlantic Arts Residency program for the development of this work. 

install CRYSTAL ROMEO-8.jpg
install CRYSTAL ROMEO-43.jpg

The Line through Daytona Beach Florida to Lyrebird Dell Blue Mountains